AZGT Member Co-op Mohave EC Hits Savings Milestone


Mohave Electric launched the Co-op Connections Program in January 2011 as a member benefit to help members save on prescriptions and everyday purchases. Since the inception of the program, members have saved over $509,843 in prescription savings alone! The average savings for members was 43% on 18,819 prescription purchased. The Co-op Connections card is accepted at more than 60,000 retail pharmacies nationwide.

The Co-op Connections Card is a Touchstone Energy program, and Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives is the western Regional Member supporting its member co-ops, like Mohave EC, to launch and establish it and other Touchstone Energy programs to help electric co-op members.

Mohave Electric CEO Tyler Carlson said, “This is a huge milestone of savings to our members, and MEC is proud to have provided the program to our members to try to help with the economic issues the community is experiencing.  We can’t always control the costs of wholesale power that we experience and have to pass on to the members.  It is great to provide a program that helps keep money in the member’s pocket, and all of the Board, Management, and employees are proud to be part of the program to help members.”

“Mohave’s commitment to our members goes beyond providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. Members are telling us that the Co-op Connections Card is a money-saving tool that is putting money back in their wallets,” said Lyn R. Opalka, Mohave Electric’s Board President.

The Healthy Savings Discounts offer additional benefits to help members save more and live healthier with discounts on dental, vision, chiropractic, hearing aids, lab and imaging.

In addition, the card is good for discounts at local participating businesses as well as hundreds of businesses online. There are currently over 75 offers from local participating businesses with more being added all the time. Discounts are available on products and services including air conditioning service, restaurants, health and wellness facilities, automobile purchasing and servicing, banking, dog training, pet sitting and more.

There is no cost for businesses to participate.  “It’s easy to sign up and a great way to encourage people to shop at local business,” said Fonzi. To find a list of offers, go to Mohave Electric’s website at: and click on the Co-op Connections Card.

The card is free to all Mohave members. It doesn’t expire and there are no charges or annual fees. Any member of the family can use the card.

“Bringing value to our members is the cooperative difference,” Fonzi adds.

Visit to find out more or call our Member Service Office at (928) 763-1100.


Lori Fonzi

Public Affairs Specialist

(928) 758-0579