(Tempe) Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association’s Interim CEO John Wallace calls the September 11Arizona Corporation Commission vote to close the docket on the proposal to deregulate Arizona’s electrical system a historic decision in favor of the consumers.

“This decision by the Commissioners provides economic certainty going forward for all of the state’s consumers and electric providers alike. The proponents of deregulation failed to point to any benefits for the cooperative members. We appreciate the work of the ACC Commissioners and the staff,” said Wallace.

He added, “This historic decision by the Commissioners recognizes there are significant legal and state constitutional hurdles surrounding deregulation. More importantly, the Commissioners understood there are tremendous risks for our electric cooperative members in an unregulated environment. The Commissioners should be applauded for making the right decision yesterday.”

Philip Bashaw, GCSECA’s director of government relations and grassroots advocacy, said, “The decision by the ACC is good news for the consumer members of Arizona’s electric cooperatives and consumers in rural Arizona. We want to thank the commission for making the right decision for our members and the communities we serve.”

He said the role the state’s electric cooperatives played in educating their consumer members about the issues of deregulation was important. “Co-op members realized the risks associated with deregulation in Arizona and we’re humbled by the support we received from the members and the communities the cooperatives serve,” Bashaw added.

GCSECA IS a member of the AZ Power Consumers Coalition which includes many local, county and state elected officials, chambers of commerce and utilities. APCC provided a dialogue for consumers to express their concerns about deregulation to ACC Commissioners.


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