WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Ron Barber is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to schedule a public hearing in Arizona before imposing greenhouse gas reduction regulations that would have significant impacts on the state.

In a letter to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy led by Barber and signed by seven of his Arizona colleagues in the House – Republicans as well as Democrats – Barber said that “outreach to Arizona stakeholders on a rule of this magnitude is imperative.”

Barber and his colleagues noted that the proposed EPA rule would require Arizona to reduce carbon emissions from existing electricity-generating power plants by nearly 52 percent by 2030. That is one of the highest percentage reductions required of any state.

Barber has previously voiced his concern over the rule’s potential impacts on Arizona stating, “I am concerned that Arizona has been targeted for a 50 percent cut in emissions, particularly compared with high emission carbon states like Kentucky that are seeing no cuts or even a slight increase in allowable emissions.

“I will push back on the EPA to make sure all states are doing their part and Arizona gets a fair shake,” Barber added. “I also will continue to help move our state forward and work to make southern Arizona the nation’s leader in clean energy jobs. “

Hearings on the proposed EPA rule are scheduled next month in Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

“Unfortunately, these public hearings fail to provide a necessary opportunity for the state of Arizona and the voices of our constituents to be heard,” Barber and his colleagues wrote. “ . . . We respectfully urge you to add an additional hearing in our state of Arizona.”