View PDF version: Notice of Application to Renew Lines of Credit

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. (“AEPCO”) has filed an application with the Arizona Corporation Commission for an order authorizing it to renew two committed revolving lines of credit in the combined amount of $100 million (Docket No. E-01773A-19-0074). The application is available for inspection during regular business hours at the office of the Commission in Phoenix, Arizona, and AEPCO’s offices at 1000 South Highway 80, Benson, Arizona 85602. It may also be viewed on the Commission’s website at using the e-Docket function, located at the bottom of the website home page. Comments and objections may be submitted on the above website using the “I Want to Submit a Public Comment” link.


Intervention in the Commission’s proceedings on the application shall be permitted if the outcome of the case will directly and substantially impact the person and the person’s intervention will not unduly broaden the issues in the case. Information about intervention and sample intervention requests are available on the Commission’s website ( using the “I Want To Intervene In A Case” link. Persons desiring to intervene must file an original and 13 hard copies of a written request to Intervene with Docket Control, 1200 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85007 no later than May 2, 2019, and send a copy of the request to AEPCO or its counsel and all parties of record on the same day the request to Intervene is filed with the Commission.


Requests to Intervene must contain the following information:


  1. The name, address and telephone number of the proposed intervenor and of any person upon whom service of documents is to be made if different than the intervenor.
  2. A reference to Docket No. E-01773A-19-0074.
  3. A short statement explaining:
    1. The person’s interest in the proceeding (e.g., a customer of the utility, a shareholder of the utility, etc.);
    2. How the person will be directly and substantially affected by the outcome of the case, and
    3. Why the person’s intervention will not unduly broaden the issues in the case.
  4. A statement certifying that the person has served a copy of the request to Intervene on the utility or its attorney and all other parties of record in the case; and
  5. If the person is not represented by an attorney who is an active member of the Arizona State Bar, and is not representing him or herself as an individual, sufficient information and any appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance with Arizona Supreme Court Rules 31, 38, and 42, as applicable.


The granting of requests to Intervene shall be governed by A.A.C. R14-3-105, except that all requests to Intervene must be filed on, or before, May 2, 2019.  If representation by counsel is required by Arizona Supreme Court Rule 31, intervention will be conditioned upon the intervenor obtaining counsel to represent the intervenor.