Our Commitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Arizona G&T Cooperatives is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and their families, and the people and communities who rely on us to provide reliable power.

To ensure we can continue to operate our generation and transmission facilities, we have taken the following prudency measures, among other things:

  • We are prepared with a Pandemic Preparedness Plan that provides planned responses to various contingencies, which is reviewed on a weekly basis and continually updated as the situation requires.
  • We have a Pandemic Response Team (PRT) in place that communicates on a daily basis and provides situation updates as needed to all employees and contractors.
  • We are following the suggested guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, cdc.gov/COVID-19 and all staff are operating under appropriate requirements, including:
    • Moving to online and telephonic meetings, and requiring many non-critical employees to work from home to minimize contact and exposure.
    • Initiating appropriate “Social Distancing” restrictions, including restricting in-person meetings, contacts, and business travel.
    • Establishing new guidelines and training materials that have been distributed to ensure proper quarantine practices before certain employees return to work.
    • Appropriate sanitization methods are being utilized throughout the organization.

We are prepared and working around-the-clock to protect our employees throughout this crisis to ensure that we continue to provide our Members with safe, reliable, and affordable power.