Financials & Annual Report

Financial Strength

Pete Scott presenting financial reports at the AzGT Annual Meeting.

Arizona G&T Cooperatives’ financial position was strong at year-end 2018. Following a rate reduction in 2013, continued cost controls, responsible debt management, adaptation to new markets, and Member growth have contributed to a positive financial picture. Expected extension of contracts will provide additional cost-certainty and the ability to more economically manage debt cost. Strong equity, flexible financing, and superior investment grade credit ratings position us well for the future.

AEPCO is a cooperative, owned by its Members. In 2018, the AEPCO Board of Directors authorized the return of $1.3 million in patronage capital to Members. The retirement came from free cash flows that remained after operating as a not-for-profit utility.

  • AEPCO has returned $5.5 million in capital credits to Members since 2012.
  • Each Member pays rates sufficient to meet our operating expenses, financing needs, and equity goals.
  • In accordance with cooperative principles, Members are assigned patronage in proportion to their contribution to AEPCO, and receive retirements when authorized by the AEPCO Board.

AEPCO Patronage Refunds Grow
by Average of 18% Since 2012

Average Annual Increase: approximately 4.5 million dollars. Approximate dollar totals: 2012: 0.5 million dollars, 2013: 0.6 million dollars, 2014: 0.7 million dollars, 2015: 0.8 million dollars, 2016: 0.85 million dollars, 2017: 0.9 million dollars, 2018: 1.3 million dollars, total: 5.5 million dollars.

2018 Financial Reports and 2019 Annual Meeting Presentations