Financials & Annual Report

Maintaining Financial Stability

Pete Scott using a clicker to advance slides
Pete Scott, AzGT’s chief financial officer, reports that heading into 2021, AEPCO was well positioned for a strong financial year. The cooperative enjoyed healthy liquidity and equity balances and received a rating upgrade from Fitch Ratings.

AEPCO is owned by its Members. Since 2012, AEPCO returned $8.2 million in patronage refunds to Members.

AzGT’s annual meeting was held on Oct. 8, 2021. The agenda featured these speakers:

Kathy Thatcher, AEPCO Board President

Patrick Ledger, AzGT/AEPCO Executive VP and CEO

Pete Scott, AzGT/AEPCO CFO

Lea Marquez Peterson, ACC Chairwoman

Tracey LeBeau, WAPA Administrator and CEO

CEO Panel: (l-r) Pat O’Laughlin, Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives; Mike Steffes, ACES CEO, Patrick Ledger

ASPERA Mini-Sat Project: UA Profs. Dr. Erika Hamden & Dr. Carlos Vargas

We welcome you to review Arizona G&T Cooperatives’ 2020 Financial Results in the video below.