Reliability Compliance and Regulation

AEPCO Boosts Reliability Compliance

AEPCO continues to enhance its reliability compliance program, building on the strong foundation of sweeping changes implemented across the board in recent years.

As a regulated entity, AEPCO is responsible for complying with approximately 60 reliability standards and 1,300 requirements mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

AEPCO has made significant advances in its compliance processes, staff reorganization, executive involvement and implementation of cybersecurity software. In the years to come, AEPCO will continue to build on this progress as we move toward a robust and mature compliance program.

AEPCO’s highest priorities in 2020 were implementation of comprehensive cybersecurity software to reduce manual processes, revised compliance procedures, improved internal compliance controls, and enhanced physical security with installation of new security equipment and hiring security personnel.

Focusing on Key Areas of Compliance

Reliability Standards


Physical Security


Planning & Policies

Culture of Compliance

Beyond regulatory compliance, we are working to ensure reliability through a comprehensive organization-wide program to quantify risk, categorize it, minimize negative effects and maximize positive opportunities.

We Abide by State and Federal Regulations

Various federal and state regulators affect Arizona G&T Cooperatives, including the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), which regulates our rates, facilities sitings and other issues.

For more information about state and federal regulations, visit Environment.