Meeting Member Needs

Arizona G&T Cooperatives is a not-for-profit utility, owned by our Member cooperatives.

New regulatory requirements have led to significantly higher electric bills for most consumers across the nation. We have not been immune from such rate increases, but controlling costs remains one of our top priorities.

  • Joining the California ISO Energy imbalance Market (EIM) paves the way for future economic and environmental benefits. In the summer of 2021, the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) Desert Southwest region agreed to participate in the Western EIM. AEPCO is participating in the project with WAPA, our Arizona public power class D Members, the Southwest Public Power Association and Central Arizona Project. The Western EIM uses state-of-the-art technology to find and deliver low-cost energy to meet real-time demand for its participants. Since its launch in 2014, the Western EIM has provided more than $1.42 billion in economic and environmental benefits. For more information: WAPA Desert Southwest region announces it plans to join the EIM.

Western EIM Active & Pending Participant Map

Map boundaries are approximate and for illustrative purposes only. Copyright 2021 California ISO

Other examples of how we’re controlling costs:

  • We saved $240,000 by installing new technology upgrades in-house rather than depending on the manufacturer. Upgrades to our supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and emergency management system (EMS) made the systems run faster and more efficiently. The project earned the admiration of Ryan Lacy of GE Power Software Solutions, who said, “The collaboration between GE and Arizona G&T Cooperatives resulted in the fastest and most comprehensive implementation of a SCADA/EMS upgrade in our experience. This project sets the bar for future partnerships.”
Using in-house personnel to install SCADA/EMS upgrades saved an estimated $240,000 in 2018. From left, Robert Cubley, Jace Lewis, Craig Bear, Ryan Manzo, Eric Jensen and Richard Cole helped implement the upgrades.
  • We continue to add new customers, which benefits all Members and customers. New customers provide new revenue to drive down our scheduling and trading fees.
  • We’re expanding our transmission footprint, increasing reliability and positioning AzGT and our Members and customers for future growth.
  • We found affordable and efficient ways to meet new EPA regulations. We converted one of our two coal-fired units at Apache Station to natural gas, and added emission controls to the other coal unit at significantly lower cost than EPA’s proposal.