Economic Development Loans Reach $1.2 Million Mark

Accepting the key to the city is Kathy Thatcher, center, AEPCO board president. At left is Benson City Vice Mayor Larry Dempster. AzGT CEO Patrick Ledger is at right.

AzGT has provided REDLG loans to hospitals in Willcox and Benson. Dr. Brower examines Sierra Campbell at the Benson Hospital Care Clinic.


The amount of our latest loan, which helped construct a self-service fuel farm for the airport in Benson, Arizona

$1.2 million

The total amount we have provided in loans to our communities through REDLG. Previous loans helped fund improvements for hospitals in Benson and Willcox, Arizona.

AzGT’s REDLG loan to the Benson Airport for a new fuel farm allows pilots to purchase fuel at any time, encouraging expanded use of the airport.

AzGT Partners with Cochise Economy to Move Economic Development Forward

  • AzGT has supported the Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group since SAEDG’s inception in 2012. Now, through AzGT’s work with SAEDG, AzGT is the primary sponsor of Cochise Economy, a new economic data and statistic clearing house designed to help the region’s economy thrive.
  • The site is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Carriera, an economist who conducts economic impact studies. In creating the website, he applied experience gained in gathering data for AzGT and other clients, including local governments and universities.
  • This website makes information available to all businesses, big and small, with the goal of attracting new opportunities.
Cochise Economy Website

Study Reveals AzGT Contributions to Region’s Economy

AzGT recently commissioned a study of our economic impact on our region. 2020 findings included the fact that each job at AzGT creates an additional 1.3 jobs in the regional economy.

Arizona G&T Cooperatives


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Apache Generating Station


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Local First Arizona — Economic Recovery Center

Local First Arizona is an economic development partner with Arizona G&T Cooperatives that helps build a rural Arizona economy that is:

As the state’s Rural Development Council, Local First Arizona partners with:

Learn more on the Local First Arizona website.