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Your vote matters!

We work with Casey Ratlief, center, of the Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, to discuss issues important to us. Here Casey and AzGT’s Geoff Oldfather meet with Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann.

Co-ops Vote is a nonpartisan campaign focused on enhancing the political strength of electric cooperatives through relationship building and voter engagement.
The campaign boosts voter turnout by encouraging people in electric cooperative service territories to exercise their right to vote. This effort educates and engages candidates and voters on issues important to electric cooperatives so they can continue to provide safe and affordable electricity in rural areas.

Electric cooperatives are owned by 42 million member/consumers across the nation who can impact the outcome of elections. For the third year in a row, AzGT earned Five-Star status in the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Co-ops Vote campaign in 2020. Communications staff promoted Co-ops Vote on National Voter Registration Day with a live broadcast on social media.

LEFT: Leadon Jones, pictured with his dad, Rebel Jones, is too young to vote, but we helped many rural electric cooperative members register to vote through the Co-ops Vote campaign. RIGHT: Mike Schille signs up to register to vote at a Co-ops Vote event.

Statewide association gives us a voice

The Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association (GCSECA) helps make our voice heard with state and congressional officials.

Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association (GCSECA) gives Arizona’s electric cooperatives a unified voice in state and national regulatory and legislative matters. We also benefit from GCSECA’s safety and loss control training, regulatory assistance, education programs and a variety of communications tools, including Currents Magazine.