Touchstone Energy®

Electric Co-op Members of Touchstone Energy

Arizona G&T Cooperatives and its Member distribution cooperatives are members of Touchstone Energy®, a national cooperative that pools the resources of more than 750 electric utility co-ops around the nation to promote community involvement, education and outreach. Electric co-ops make up the largest electric utility network in the U.S.

Larry Leetch, a member of SSVEC with the Co-op Connections Card, a member-benefit card provided by Touchstone Energy.

All six AzGT distribution co-op Members offer the Touchstone Energy Co-op Connections discount card free to member/consumers and merchants. The card has helped Arizona electric cooperative member/consumers collectively save almost $3 million on prescription medicines alone. The card also offers cost-saving deals and discounts at other participating businesses.

Arizona G&T Cooperatives and our Member co-ops helped launch the national brand when it took off in the mid-1990s. Today, Arizona G&T Cooperatives are a regional partner, representing Touchstone Energy Members in Arizona, as well as Anza Electric Cooperative in California.

Fast Facts About the Co-op Connections Card Nationwide

514 Co-ops Participating in the Program. 368,000 Co-op Connections Deals. 108 millions Dollars Saved on Prescriptions. $34,500 Saved on Local Discounts since June 2018. 16,700 App Downloads. 66,307 Unique visitors to since May 2018. 30 million Cards & Key Fobs Printed.

Touchstone Energy CooperativesTouchstone Energy’s Energy Solutions program provides an interactive tour of a typical home and points out easy ways to save energy and money. Do your own energy audit, customizing it to your climate and geography.

What Makes Our Cooperatives Different?

Touchstone Energy electric co-ops are owned by the members they serve and are committed to providing reliable electricity at the lowest price possible. We provide high standards of service according to Touchstone Energy’s four core values: integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

For many years, Touchstone Energy co-ops rate highest in all areas of member/customer satisfaction, topping investor-owned and municipal utilities in  American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys.