Apache Station Wildlife Viewing Area

Apache Station Wildlife Viewing Area

The Apache Station Wildlife Area, located next to Apache Generating Station near Cochise, is a primary winter roosting location for sandhill cranes. AEPCO established the Wildlife Area in 1997 and operates it under a stewardship agreement with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We host hundreds of visitors at the Wildlife Area each year.

The Wildlife Area is populated by numerous mammals including javelina, bobcat and deer. Birds of prey include the Northern harrier, red-tailed hawk, ferruginous hawk, bald eagle and golden eagle. Wading birds and waterfowl are present year-round, although numbers reach their peak in the winter months. Frequently seen waterfowl include the snow goose, Northern shoveler, mallard, Northern pintail, and American widgeon.

AEPCO supplies water for the wildlife area from an onsite well system, supplemented by rainfall. Under AEPCO’s Cooperative Stewardship Agreement with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, we try to keep at least 40 acres of land inundated with water during the sandhill crane wintering season, which runs from late October until early March.

AEPCO is a sponsor of Willcox’s annual Wings Over Willcox sandhill crane celebration, which offers public tours and workshops each January.

The viewing area includes a public access road, a parking area, information signs, picnic facilities, public restrooms and a wheelchair accessible viewing dike that provides unobstructed observation of the wetlands.

Wildlife Area Schedule

November 1 – March 15: The Wildlife Area is open daily from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.