Clean Power Plan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) originally proposed ‘carbon rule’ would have resulted in the closure of all coal plants in Arizona, the source of 40 percent of our power, by 2020, resulting in drastic rate increases and reliability issues. In summer 2015, EPA’s final rule offered slightly less drastic but still severe restrictions to how electricity can be generated from the use of fossil fuels.  The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality(ADEQ) was tasked with creating a plan for Arizona’s utilities with their help. Electric cooperatives across the country filed a lawsuit against this rule and requested a stay against any new regulations until that case was decided.  In early 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court granted that stay.  The litigation is pending in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. For ADEQ’s summary, timeline, and explanation of the EPA ‘building blocks’ on which the rule is based, click here. ADEQ GHG Summary

Arizona’s utilities would have fallen off a ‘cliff’ in terms of supply if the interim rule provisions weren’t changed.

Cliff graphic revised 8-4-2015

We need your help. We’re not opposed to regulation – we want a healthier environment for us and our children too. We need reasonable regulation that lets us phase in alternative sources of generation without hurting the rural people we serve. Send the EPA a message that we need regulation based on logic and fact that will let us continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable power. Visit today.

We’re happy that the EPA has issued a ‘proposal to approve’ our alternative plan for controlling regional haze emissions, a plan that results in lower overall emissions than the EPA was seeking, and which saves us and the people who use our power more than $150 million. Read the news release about our ‘win-win’ over regional haze.


As a member of an electric co-op, you are one of more than 42 million people across the nation who have a stake in the outcome of the 2016 elections. Your vote matters! Legislation, regulation, and policy decisions are being made and will be made that will impact your use of safe, reliable and affordable electric power for years to come. You’re just one click away from taking the pledge to be a Co-op Voter, just one click away from making a difference! Join the latest initiative by and for electric cooperatives and their members – and make your voice heard!