Apache Generating Station

Electrical power generation remains one of our core missions. That’s why our Member co-ops created us more than 50 years ago. While we are working to increase efficiencies, generating power remains our competitive focus.

Apache Generating Station in Cochise, Ariz. has:

  • 605 megawatts of combined gross generating capacity
  • 2 steam units that can burn coal or natural gas
  • 1 natural gas-fired boiler
  • 4 gas turbines

We are upgrading our two steam units to comply with new environmental regulations. Steam Unit 2 has been converted from burning coal to pipeline natural gas. We have reduced emissions from Steam Unit 3 by installing new selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) technology.

From reducing fuel costs to implementing new efficiencies, we are positioning Arizona G&T Cooperatives to become even more competitive. At the same time, we maintain our strong commitment to reliability and safety.

Approximately 90 employees work in three shifts around the clock at the plant to deliver a reliable source of electric power. As workers retire, we are changing schedules and enhancing efficiencies to allow us to do more with fewer people.

Complying with environmental regulations is a big part of our job. Learn more in our Environment section. The public is invited to enjoy our Apache Station Wildlife Area.

Fast Facts About Steam Units 2 and 3

  • Electric cable: 3.4 million feet, equal to 644 miles
  • Concrete: 43,394 cubic yards, equal to 450 miles of sidewalk
  • Coal storage capacity: 160,000 tons, a 40-day supply
  • Fuel capacity of boilers: up to 98 tons of coal/hour or up to 48 MCF natural gas/hour per each unit
  • Capacity of GE turbine-generators: 194,700 KVA
  • 3,600 RPM
  • 2,400 PSIG
  • Steam generation: 1.3 million lbs/hour at 1,005 F
  • Height of steam units: 192 feet
  • Size of stack: 400 feet tall by 69 feet wide
  • Structural steel in each boiler unit: 2,400 tons