Our core mission remains to provide safe, reliable electric service to our member cooperatives. This would not be possible without the work of a skilled and dedicated group of employees.

Arizona G&T Cooperatives employs more than 234 employees (full-time-equivalents). We provide services in human resources, accounting, communications, financial services, engineering, legal, fuel procurement, power resource planning and other crafts vital to generating and transmitting electric power.

Our Wellness Committee offers onsite programs including weight loss programs and a wellness fair. Employees work out at gyms at Apache Station and the Benson headquarters.

We sponsor ongoing education for our entire workforce, from linemen to administrative support workers. We develop future leaders through a succession management program.

Our Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Department is responsible for communication, media relations, and public and member outreach. The department handles media inquires, organizes tours for the media and the public, issues press releases, produces videos, the annual report and other materials, and contributes articles to the statewide rural electric Currents magazine and other publications. In addition, the department handles community support donations. For more information, visit our Media section. Our in-house print, graphics and audio-visual A/V shop serves the needs of Arizona G&T Cooperatives as well as our member electric coops. We donate printing and A/V services for many community events.