Power Marketing & Electric Co-ops

Our commitment to deliver power to our six Member electric co-ops remains our top priority. At the same time, our ability to sell surplus power benefits our Member electric co-ops.

Jon Martell, executive director of Energy Services, manages power marketing for Arizona G&T Cooperatives and its relationship with nationwide energy management company ACES. You can reach Jon at (520) 586-5215 or email jmartell@azgt.coop

In 2011, we joined forces with ACES to save costs and upgrade our ability to market power to a broader range of customers. A team of ACES employees now work out of our Benson headquarters. This positions us to increase power sales through a more sophisticated and efficient trading operation. ACES also provides analytical services that help us compete. As ACES expands our customer base, the added revenue will benefit all of our Members in the form of lower costs.

A number of the nation’s G&T cooperatives created ACES in the 1990s. Today, ACES serves electric co-ops, municipal districts and other power providers throughout the U.S. We are one of 22 equity owners of ACES. Each year, ACES transacts several billion dollars of business on behalf of its owners and clients. Collectively, ACES clients produce approximately 50,000 megawatts of both load and resources.