Management Letter Introducing 2018 Annual Report Financial Statements

The accompanying financial statements from Arizona G&T Cooperatives, consisting of Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. and Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services, Inc., were prepared by management, which is responsible for their integrity and objectivity. The statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, using management’s best estimates and judgments where appropriate.

The cooperatives maintain a system of internal controls, including accounting controls and a strong program of internal auditing. The system of controls provides for an appropriate division of responsibility and the application of policies and procedures that are consistent with the highest standards of accounting and administration.

The cooperatives believe that the system of internal controls provides reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded against loss from unauthorized use or disposition, and that financial records are reliable for use in preparing the financial statements that have been provided as a part of the annual report.

The financial statements for all three cooperatives have been audited by the independent certified public accountants, Moss Adams, LLP, whose opinion is included as part of the respective financial statements.

The board of directors of each of the cooperatives meets with Moss Adams, representatives of management and the internal auditor to review their activities and to discuss accounting, auditing and financial matters. Finally, to allow for complete independence, Moss Adams has full and free access to meet with each of the directors to discuss their audit results and opinions without the presence of management representatives.


Patrick Ledger, CEO
 Pete Scott, CFO

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