Graham County Electric Cooperative


Electric Coop managers in front of the power transmission lines
GCEC General Manager Steve Lines (l) and Operations Specialist Dennis Kouts stand in front of the new Hackberry to Thatcher 69kV line near the Thatcher substation.

Graham County Electric Cooperative (GCEC) , a class A member of AZGT electric coop, is one of the original “founding four” cooperatives that helped form Arizona Electric Power Cooperative 50 years ago, to meet the electric generation and transmission needs of rural Arizona residents in Safford and the surrounding area.

Electric Power Transmission

GCEC serves more than 9,000 member/customers and provides co-op power to the towns of Thatcher and Safford utilities, which have a combined customer base of about 5,500.

GCEC has more than 1,200 miles of electric power transmission lines and employs 45 people.

In 2009, GCEC partnered with Southwest Transmission Cooperative (SWTC) on construction of a 14-mile, 69 kV electric power transmission line from the Hackberry substation northeast of the city of Safford, to the GCEC substation in Thatcher. The line was built in less than five months.

The Hackberry-Thatcher line doubles capacity and reliability for a combined customer/member base of more than 14,500 people, and saved GCEC ratepayers almost $2 million over another proposal for improving service to the area, which would have involved increasing transformer capacity.

GCEC incorporated and energized its first lines as a rural electric cooperative in 1945.
GCEC is headquartered in Pima, Arizona. Its general manager is Steve Lines.

Contact information:
9 W. Center St.
Pima, AZ 85543
(928) 485-2451
(920) 485-9491 (fax)


Convenient Ways to Pay Your Bill:
Pay Online, By Phone, or In Person Using a Credit Card or Debit Card
Enjoy the convenience of paying your bill with a credit or debit card through our payment partner, Paymentus. There is a small fee for using this service. Here’s how it works. Simply click on the link below and follow the on-screen prompts to pay your bill online or call 1-877-807-6608 to use the automated phone system. Paymentus collects a convenience fee of $3.50 per transaction with a total bill limit of $250. GCEC does not charge for nor receive any portion of these fees. (Paymentus fees and bill limits are subject to change without notice) All payments are posted the following business day. In order to avoid disconnection of service for non-payment, please make sure to post your payment at least one day prior to disconnect day. When using this service please have the following information available:

• Your GCEC customer number (located on your billing statement)
• Your credit/debit card information
• The amount of your utility bill

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Automatic Monthly Payments using SurePay
It’s easy, secure and free! SurePay is an electronic funds transfer (EFT), so there are no checks to write, no stamps to buy, no dates to remember, and no standing in line. And your money stays in your bank account until the payment is due. (Usually on the 10th of each month) For more information about this service, contact our Special Billing Administrator at 928-485-2451 Ext. 8661.

Bank Payments
Your bank may also offer online bill payment service. It is simple to use and often at no charge to you. Contact your bank for more information. Please ensure all payments include your correct customer number(s).

Pay by Mail
GCEC provides a self-addressed return envelope with your billing statement each month for your convenience. Simply detach the payment slip on your bill and mail with your check or money order made payable to GCEC before the due date. Always make sure to allow yourself enough time to mail your payment so that it reaches us before any delinquent deadlines. Our mailing address is GCEC, PO Drawer B, Pima AZ 85543.

Pay in Person
If you still prefer the “old fashioned” way you are always welcome to visit our office located at 9 West Center St. in Pima, AZ. (South Side of Hwy 70 in Pima) The office has a drive through window for your convenience. You may also use the payment drop boxes 24/7 located at our main office at the drive through and by the front door.

Please keep in mind that utility bills are mailed out each Friday depending on the cycle your account is in. Your utility bill is always due fifteen (15) days from the billing date and becomes delinquent twenty five (25) days from the billing date. Delinquent bills are subject to disconnect upon (5) days written notice.