Apache Generating Station

Apache Generating Station generates a total of 625 megawatts (MW) near Cochise, Arizona.

AEPCO continues to diversify its energy portfolio. In addition to natural gas and coal units, we generate 20 MW of renewable energy at Apache Solar Project at Apache Station.

AEPCO owns Apache Generating Station at Cochise, Arizona, south of Willcox and east of Benson.


megawatts of combined gross generating capacity


steam generating units:

  • ST1
  • ST2 (natural gas)
  • ST3 (coal/natural gas)


gas turbines


Class Member distribution cooperatives that receive wholesale power in:

  • Southern Arizona
  • Western New Mexico
  • Northwestern Arizona
  • California


meters of power provided

Represents more than 420,000 individual residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial member/consumers.

AEPCO is one of 63 generation and transmission electric cooperatives in the nation.

David Landwerlen, manager of instrument and electrical maintenance, developed a process with his team to customize and optimize a vital tool—a distributive control system.

Positioning for the Future

From reducing fuel costs to implementing new efficiencies, we are positioning Arizona G&T Cooperatives to become even more competitive.

At the same time, we maintain our strong commitment to:

Fast Facts About Steam Units 2 and 3

3.4 million

feet of electric cable,
equal to 644 miles


kilovolt-amperes (KVA) capacity of GE turbine-generator


Pounds per square gauge (PSIG)


feet: height of steam units


cubic yards of concrete,
equal to 450 miles of sidewalk


Revolutions per minute (RPM)

1.3 million

pounds per hour at 1,005 F: steam generation


tons of structural steel in each boiler unit