ACES / Energy Management Services

ACES. Excellence in energy.

ACES is a nationwide energy management company that helps its Members and Customers buy, sell, and manage energy more efficiently and with less risk.

AEPCO is a Member/owner of ACES. The AEPCO/AzGT Benson campus hosts the ACES West Regional Trading Center (WRTC), which benefits AEPCO/AzGT Members and customers.

Quick ACES Facts and Statistics

  • Founded: 1999
  • Headquarters: Carmel, IN
  • Employees: 260+
  • Members: 22
  • Customers: 50+
  • Regional Trading Centers:
    • Carmel, IN
    • Benson, AZ
    • Raleigh, NC
    • Maple Grove, MN

Complete Service List

Francisco Valenzuela leads a meeting of the ACES West Regional Trading Center (WRTC) team. The center is located at AzGT’s headquarters in Benson, Arizona.

Front Office Services

  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Short-Term Trading and Operations
  • Short-Term Load Forecasting
  • Origination and Long-Term Trading
  • Portfolio Dispatch and Optimization
  • Delegated Electric Reliability Standard Compliance
  • Power Transmission Scheduling and Tagging
  • Physical Gas Trading and Scheduling
  • Financial Gas Trading
  • Gas Service Consulting
  • Coal and Emissions Consulting
  • Renewable Analysis and Transactions
  • Financial Transmission Right Evaluations and Hedge Execution
  • Transmission Analysis and Advice
  • Long-Term Generation and Transmission Planning Studies
  • Standard Portfolio Model and Risk Analytics
  • Generator Operator Services
  • Transmission Operator Services
  • Distribution Operator Services

Middle Office Services

  • Credit Analysis and Counterparty Monitoring
  • Credit Exposure Monitoring and Management
  • Credit Negotiations
  • Credit Reports
  • ISO/RTO Credit Monitoring Service
  • Master Agreement Negotiations
  • Emissions Allowances and Renewable Energy Credits
  • Agreement Negotiations
  • Contract Monitoring and Administration
  • Trade Capture and Validation
  • Policy Compliance Monitoring
  • Forward Curve Development and Mark-to-Market Valuations
  • Risk Management Policy Development
  • Education and Training
  • Regulatory and Market Development Participation
  • Reliability Compliance Consulting
  • Dodd-Frank Compliance

Back Office Services

  • Bilateral Power and Transmission Settlements
  • Bilateral Natural Gas and Transportation Settlements
  • RTO/ISO Pool Settlements
  • Energy Imbalance Validation
  • Cost Allocation Settlement Model
  • Electric Quarterly Report (EQR) Filing Support

Why Arizona G&T Cooperatives Chose ACES

Brian Garcia, an ACES trader, works at ACES/WRTC in Benson.

Since its formation in February 1999, ACES has become a nationally-recognized wholesale energy trading and risk management company. ACES was originally created by generation and transmission cooperatives. ACES is a limited liability company (LLC), but operates under similar values as those of its Members, and focuses on providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost. ACES is able to utilize economies of scale to achieve this objective.

Arizona G&T Cooperatives and ACES have a collaborative relationship built on many years of combined experience, working together to provide ACES’ Members with a range of energy services, including power scheduling and trading to help manage our market risk. Arizona G&T Cooperatives and ACES have a unique partnership that combines the regional expertise of Arizona G&T Cooperatives with the national presence of ACES, complementing and generating opportunities for both entities.

Market Expertise

  • ACES provides services to 22 Members and nearly 50 Customers
  • ACES is active in all major U.S. energy markets
  • ACES manages Members’ and Customers’ portfolios of over 50 GW of peak load and generation and 3 Bcf/d peak natural gas usage

Member and Customer Focused Model

Chris Jimenez, left, director of energy services and planning at AEPCO, speaks with David Zvareck at ACES/WRTC.
  • ACES operates in the best interests of its Members and Customers
  • ACES provides all services as legal agent on behalf of each Member and Customer and separately manages each of their portfolios
  • ACES does not trade its own book
  • ACES does not own any generation or serve any load
  • ACES is never the principal in a transaction
  • ACES takes a collaborative approach to helping Members and Customers manage their portfolios
  • ACES keeps costs down by sharing the expenses related to systems, tools, and staff across numerous Members and Customers
  • ACES regularly tests its controls and analytics by undergoing independent annual audits
  • ACES is transparent, hands-on, and encourages its Members’ and Customers’ participation in portfolio management
  • ACES wants to understand as much about its Members’ and Customers’ portfolios as possible (risks, risk tolerance, characteristics of generation, reporting needs, etc.) to help them make better-informed decisions
  • ACES informs and educates its Members and Customers on market observations