Energy Services

Energy Services & Electric Co-ops

Our System Operations and Energy Services divisions work with ACES, our energy management partner, to provide sophisticated transmission, scheduling and trading services to our current Members at competitive rates. We carefully evaluate new service proposals to ensure they are a win-win for both current and prospective Members and customers. For more information, visit Our Members.

Members of Energy Services, from left to right: Kristine McMinimy, Energy Services project administrator; Emily Regis, fuel services manager; Thomas Koumal, Energy Services administrator III; Jon Martell, executive director of Energy Services; Jamie Avila, Energy Services billing administrator III; and Julietta Barker, Energy Services billing administrator III. Not pictured: Leslie Waters, Energy Services administrator I.

We have attracted a number of new customers in recent years. Increased scale maximizes efficiencies and economies, and benefits all Members and customers. In addition, it helps us offer options and flexibility to meet each Members’ unique needs.

We collaborate with ACES to serve our Members with a range of energy services, including power scheduling and trading. The ACES West Regional Trading Center operates out of AzGT’s Benson Campus.