Power Marketing

Power Marketing & Electric Co-ops

Our System Operations and Energy Services divisions work with ACES, our energy management partner, to provide sophisticated transmission, scheduling and trading services to our current Members at competitive rates. We carefully evaluate new service proposals to ensure they are a win-win for both current and prospective Members and customers. For more information, visit Our Members.

Jon Martell is executive director of Energy Services for AzGT.

We have attracted a number of new customers in recent years. Increased scale maximizes efficiencies and economies, and benefits all Members and customers. In addition, it helps us offer options and flexibility to meet each Members’ unique needs.

We collaborate with ACES to serve our Members with a range of energy services, including power scheduling and trading. The ACES West Regional Trading Center operates out of AzGT’s Benson Campus.

ACES serves electric co-ops, municipal districts and other power providers throughout the U.S. ACES buys, sells and manages energy efficiently and with minimal risk. Working with ACES brings a number of benefits:

Michelle Martinez of the AzGT System Operations Division is part of a team that monitors our system 24/7 to optimize electric reliability.

ACES helps AzGT dispatch low-cost federal hydropower allocated from the Hoover Dam to our six Member distribution cooperatives. We maximize the value of the hydro resource by using instantaneous on-demand systems to control changing loads. This flexibility helps us incorporate additional renewable resources by quickly covering loads when solar unit output changes rapidly due to cloud cover or other weather conditions.

Fast Facts About ACES

  • $6 billion: the amount that ACES transacts annually on behalf
    of its Members and customers across the U.S.
  • 50,000 MW: the collective portfolio of ACES Members
  • 1990s: a number of the nation’s G&T cooperatives created ACES
  • 21: AzGT is one of 21 equity owners of ACES